Game Of Thrones S06E03 “Oathbreaker” – Review


So here we are for another episode review of GOT and now that Jon Snow is alive things are even better !

It starts with Davos seeing Jon Snow waking up and then from there a very realistic conversation occurs where Jon explains how it felt dying and what exactly happened. After that everybody just stands in amazement seeing their lord commander come back from the death ! Awesome !

Sam and his girlfriend ( I think it still is ) appear on a boat heading to a place that I can remember right know but the thing is that in that place it isn’t allowed women so we shall see how is that going to work out.

Bran has another vision where he, again, sees his father ( more older ) rescuing his sister from swordfighters, which he ends up fighting and winning, sort of, since the last swordfighter was stabbed in the back ( literally ) by one of his friends.Then Bran follows his dad but it is stopped by the old tree man. If he keeps up with the visions, which he will, we will see Ned Stark in adult form which means f*cking Sean Bean is going to show up !

Daenerys is “back” and she is now in that place that nobody cares about. I just feel that the writers don’t know what to do with her but how about moving her to King’s Landing with Tyrion to take the throne ( that it is her main objetive ). I know that she has to take care of Mereen’s problems but in that case she should have moved a long time ago or just leave someone or just leave it be !

Moving foward, Mereen is show, there the bald guy ( whose name I still can’t remember ) talks to a slave about the current situation of Mereen. Although, the coolest scene was with Tyrion, it was funny, well acted and very appealing, you’re the best Peter.

The High Sparrow and Cersei issue is once again touched. Cersei and Jamie go and participate in the small counsil but then they leave ( counsil ) because they think that she and him are not deserving of hearing what it is discussed there. Also, Tommen meets High Sparrow and let me tell you that this scene was pretty good with a nice performance by the actor who portrays Tommen and the High Sparrow was just being annoying and irritating with all the god stuff. I can’t wait to see the Mountain explode his head !

Arya is being badass again, no it is NOT, her scenes are still boring and I could’t care less about them, at least for me, however the good thing is that she is “ready” or it is finally showing results which means she will leave and involve with the other characters ( in addition she is no longer blind that implicates more that she is ready to go ). But perhaps that will not happen which is the most likely one.

Ramsay Bolton is being a total son of a b*tch now with, apparently, Rickon Stark that took some long a** time to arrive again on GOT ( we don’t see him, I don’t know, maybe season 3 ) and the woman that carried him when he was more little ( remember ) so, most likely, Ramsay is going to “play” with them and then let the dogs “play” too.

Finally, Jon Snow hangs the real traitors ( Ollie is a b*tch btw ) and renounces the Lord Commander spot, this was a weaker ending compared to the other two, though it was pretty decent and left wondering, specially, due to the fact that him must now go to another place which is pretty interesting, I mean Jon in another place that not the Night’s Watch. Think about it !

So what are your thoughts on this episode ? Are you excited for the nest one ?

I rate : 7,8 / 10


3 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E03 “Oathbreaker” – Review

  1. Great episode! One thing only, was that it felt a little bit “slow”, like it is still building up a bit. Like you said, with the High Sparrow, and also with Arya Stark, nothing seems to really “happen”, with some stories. The High Sparrow should be punished very soon. Arya Stark should really go and get to see Jon Snow or something…. also, Daenerys story is a bit boring, going to that tent with women…. so, yes, a little more action to drive the story forward just a little bit more, would be good. Still very exciting to see what will happen. Oh, and did you see that grand maester Pycelle (in King’s Landing) farted?? Lol. Apparently lots of people were talking about that on Twitter. (That scene was when the Mountain came in to the small council and Pycelle got scared).

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