Empire S02E16 “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf” – Review


This week’s  episode of “Empire” was awesome !

The music was a higher point for this episode, giving props to the “little” mother song and the last song. It was full of emotional and intense moments, actually, it was a very good episode.

The Lyon family met with the producer of the ASAS to decide wether they could sing or not ( correct me if I am wrong ) resulting in that beautiful music at the end which followed by an approval.

In the middle of that, there was an involvement between Jamal and the producer, as a matter of fact, they had sex. The problem that Jamal had with him was that he didn’t want to came out and hang out with girls all the time but in the end he was willing to give him a chance.

In relation to Hakeem, what it showed was just a little spark between Tiana and Laura.

The journalist that told Andre about her grandmother being alive was killed after Lucious’s attorney took her to an alley, that is why you should never mess you Lucious.

Also, we know now who pushed Rhonda of the stairs, guess who…Anika ! The question is why…maybe because she wanted all the baby stuff for Rhonda’s baby to be for her baby ( probably not ) or maybe due to the fact that Anika’s baby would be blindsided by hers , I don’t know but it will be very interesting to see what is going to happen, being also that Anika could not be really the guilty. Those shoes could be on sell everywhere !

Finallly, Lucious’s mother was great, their connection is so real and just priceless. By the end of the episode we see her calling Lucious, at night, to eat a cake ( table full of cakes that she made ) and she ordered him to eat him. This was scary and sometimes shocking hearing her state that he is the cause of her problems and the fact that she wanted to kill him. And then it just ended with him still eating and his mother watching, now let me tell you that this episode pretty much left everybody hyped and excited just as the season is ending.

I rate : 8,1 / 10


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