Game Of Thrones S06E02 “Home” – Review


This episode was way better than the last one, so much happened and don’t even get me started on that ending !

For a start, what we saw, was Bran back on that strange place that has to do with his powers and in there is an old man which send him back to the past but not literally just see and “be” in the past. In this case it waswhen Edward Stark was little, maybe that is why we will see Sean Bean this season because then, later, it will show Ned older ( presuming he will be making more “trips” to the past ). I say this due to the fact that there is been some speculation about his appearance in this season but moving on what bums about this scenes is that Bran is with the hair shorter and it is taller and it is just different ( he is just another Carl ) and how is that possible, I am sure there are no scissors or a grow pill in that place.

Then, I don’t remember exactly what comes next, though I will talk about Mereen, so in there Tyrion goes to the Dragon’s chambers to release them of the things ( that I don’t know the name ) just to make him feel more free and not live in captivity. This scene was intense, awesome and epic. I loved it and who doesn’t even Tyrion made jokes about it.

Arya appeared fighting again with that girl and then the faceless man appears out of nowhere and Arya goes with him ( I could’t care less ).

In relation to the Lannisters, what we saw was an incredible moment by the Mountain putting a guy’s skull into the wall just by a little push since the same men disrespected the Cersei. Tommen and Jaime were on his ( Tommen ) sister’s funeral however the sparrow old f*ck shows up, Tommen goes talk to Cersei and Jaime stays to talk to sh*thead. Jaime tells High Sparrow that he had many sins and that he would put the sword through the old sh*t ( he didn’t exactly said but he showed that intention ), although the other members arrive and the retarted a**hole just saves himself from a valaryan sword. Little f*cker, Cersei is gonna get you, the Mountain is gonna rip you into little pieces of sh*t !

The conversation between Tommen and Cersei was, basically, him saying that he should of have killed them all ( Sparrows ) before they took not only Cersei but Marjorie. Too late, Tommen, too late ! Cersei accepts the apology, of course, knowing that she will get her vengeance.

Getting down to Winterfell we got three deaths, Lord Bolton was stabbed by his son ( the white milk ) and his wife and newborn child ( ramsay’s mother and brother) in the worst way possible – by dogs – , in other words, dogs ate them alive. Just another Joffrey ! I am gonna enjoy watching you burn Ramsay !

Reek anounces Sansa that he will be going home and in that same home what happens is another death – lord of the Iron Islands – oh…guess what by another family member – his brother – now what is has to be decided is who is the new lord, maybe Reek when he comes back.

Finishing of, Davos asks the Red Woman, Melisandre, if she can revive Jon Snow and she replies saying that he is better that way but ends up doing it…resulting in…( they all leave seeing no effects of the spell ) and then suddenly…he wakes up breathing heavily. I must say that I saw it coming and I think everybody did and as it turns out the magic theory is the right one, I am just so pumped up about Jon snow being alive, at least this early, now the only question is if he is still the same Jon we learned to love.

So there you go, what do you thought about this amazing episode of GOT ? I think it is getting better, looking foward to the next episode, but then again I am always !

I rate : 8,3 / 10


3 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E02 “Home” – Review

  1. The episode was amazing!! Jon Snow has returned – I will forgive the show creators for everything else in the past! πŸ˜‰ Heheh. Tyrion with the dragons was also incredible. Am so excited about the rest of the season!

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