Django Unchained – Review


To start with the news, what I got to say is that from now on I will be reviewing one older movie and then one recent movie in two weeks space from each other, and you may be wondering why am I doing this just know ? You may be thinking that I just decided out of nowhere to do reviews of older movies due to the fact that there are really good films that I would like to do a review but that is just one part of the answer because mainly I got asked on twitter to make reviews of movies that are on Netflix in an english speaking country by this site and in exchange he would share this post ( it is a good way for my blog to be more out there ). Also be sure to give it visit !

So I chose a Tarantino movie and why not my second favourite – “Django Unchained”. In this film, we see outstanding performances, non – stop action ( Tarantino style ) and a highly hooking and intense story. There is even a scene that made it to my top 10 movie scenes ( go ee for yourselves on my site ).

The plot revolves on a slave freed by a german bounty hunter that then tries to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississipi plantation owner.

For me this is the best western movie ever with a cast just so powerful having names like Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx involved. Also one thing that I noticed about this film is that it is the one with the most action in relation to all the others Tarantino films and let me tell you that these scenes are very awesome and epic but yet again why wouldn’t they, it is Tarantino we are talking about.

However, the absolute highlight of the film is Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance which is imcomparable in so many ways so if you are a fan of him why didn’t you already watched this movie ?!

There are also many many many unforgettable moments like the very opening, the bag men scene ( so funny ), the introduction of Calvin with the fight of those two men, the dinner scene ( which gave me goosebumps ), the shootout in Candyland and the very ending. Quentin Tarantino never fails to impress us with every movie that he does.

In conclusion, “Django Unchained” is another masterpiece from Tarantino setting up bars on the western genre and blowing them up on the process, so if you like movies of this genre in particular or any of the actors or the director or action movies or even dramatic ones this is the film for you !

I rate : 8,5 / 10


One thought on “Django Unchained – Review

  1. Nice review, I love this movie and i surely love Tarantino! 🙂

    I just followed your blog (really nice, by the way!) and i just wanted to say that also have a blog about reviews – foreign movies reviews, though. It’s new and I’d like to invite you to have a look at it:

    If you like, let me know what you think! 🙂

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