Empire S02E15 “More Than Kin” – Review


Another great episode from “Empire” !

The hype is bigger and bigger between Lucious and Jamal, always fighting over the ASAS, I must say that I am really excited to see who is going to win. In my opinion I think it is going to be Lucious !

So, in this episode we not only saw that but also the effects of the firing of Hakeem on himself, he was in a strip club just “lost” on his mind, even his fiancée “broke up” with him 2 times and also even Anika felt bad due to their baby and went to the hospital. Talk about a hard time, in Jamal’s words, Hakeem sucks at everything and in addition I screwed up in my review of the last episode – I thought that Lucious was the father because of something that he said but it looks like it is Hakeem’s. I am glad it is ! And, I almost forgot, his girlfriend ( I can’t remember her name – sorry ) gets back with him still being his fiancée.

Fast foward and we see Michael returning for the 100 time and catching up with former 2 or 3 time boyfriend, Jamal, who I think that is going to end up being with Michael again. Jamal, in this chapter, pratically, did all the music, which was good, but for me the best was the first song in the club, it was dope !

Andre tried to go public in relation to his bipolar disorder ( which would benefit Empire and even Lucious himsel ) however he then left after finding out due to that jornalist ( I think it was jornalist or reporter…whatever ) that woman with the mop head ( just like Cookie said ) told him and showed pictures of her grandmother, Lucious’s mother, that I spoked about in the last review. It will be entertaining to watch their reactions to her, specially, Lucious.

And speaking of Lucious Lyon, after Cookie announced that him, Jamal and Hakeem would be performing in the ASA awards the shareholders considered and made an offer to Lucious and Cookie to be CO – CEO’S of Empire which means they would share the power . They agreed, though, Cookie seemed surprised that Lucious agreed, and even I agree that I am saying to many “agrees”, and after that they hug, with Lucious then saying “I got your back” with that tone of voice and face that our dear Lucious can do. He really is manipulative and vindictive, now I don’t know what he is going to do but the actor stated that at the end of the season there will happen something that we aren’t gonna like, sounds scary but very exciting.

I rate : 7,9 / 10


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