Game Of Thrones S06E01 “The Red Woman” – Review



So many things happened in this premiere episode, basically, what they did is introduce every storyline showing the effects of the season 5 events, what are they going to do and how are they positioned in the story.

It started with Davos and his men seeing Jon Snow on the ground dead, btw f*ck the Night’s Watch, taking him to a room and talking about his death. Yeah it was basically that. Oh, I forgot it, the Red Woman also appears and ends up being a huge part of this episode ( her name is even on the title ).

After that, Sansa and Reek were running from Winterfell, they eventually had to stop but the Boltons found Sansa, after failed atempt of distraction by Reek, however Brienne showed up and kick their ass making them her b*tches. Then, Brienne swore and oath to Sansa in which the last agreed the terms, sort of, you know, I am not explaining that well. Basically, Brienne is protecting Sansa, finally a resolution to this storyline between Reek and Sansa and even Brienne and the motherf*cking Boltons ( Ramsay Bolsh*t ).

The girls from Dorne were saw killing a guy that I don’t remember and then his son, I guess, I don’t care. The only good parts were the slaughters, I actually like those girls.

Next it showed Cersei still feeling the pain that The Sparrows made her endured during the punishment in which she had to get naked and…look I am not going to explain every single thing, you remember what happened. Also, she encountered with Jaime, and talked about the…I don’t even remember…some profecy, I guess. I just wanted to see her blowing that stupids, idiots, jerks, morons, suckers, f*ckers and sons of b*tches of the motherf*cking Sparrows. I hate them so much !

We did get to see a glimpse of Marjorie emprisoned by the Sparrows with that whore nun asking for a confession, I am still holding on to Cersei’s promise in which she said that the last face that that whore is going to see before she dies is hers.

Passing foward we saw, Tyrion and what is his name ?…I can’t remember, that doesn’t matter, they were walking through Mereen ( that was in complete chaos with misery in every corner ) ending the sceneย with a great part of the city burned. Tyrion you got some work to do.

Speaking of Mereen, Daenerys Targaryen was being looked by those two guys ( I can’t remember their names don’t judge me It has been a long time since I watched it ) but what we observe from her came down to her talking with the leader of that people, which captured her, what resulted, since she is a widow and being a former husband Karl Drogo, she is obligated to go to a temple to live with other widows of him or maybe just widows of men like that, I am so sorry, sometimes I mess things up and don’t understand.

Moving on, Arya was then presented, and now she is blind. I must confess, it is a great touch to her character but it doesn’t improve our investment on it. I didn’t already liked the whole faceless man story but now I am going to like it even less, It is so boring, some people say she is a badass but for me is exactly the contrary, her story just influences her character and since the story is boring as f*ck and the don’t like her character I couldn’t care less.

Finally, the members of the The Watch tried to talk with Davos members but the lasts managed to buy some time before they killed them. You may be getting a different idea from this but what I am trying to say is that the bad guys tried to enter a room where the good guys were but not by force they were talking to them first, the good guys knew that the second they enter they would have killed him all. So the solution for Jon Snow and getting out of there is the Red Woman, Davos said, and for the final part of this episode is the display of, exactly, her looking at a mirror and revealing that she is old woman and from what I have heard she has thousands of years. It will be very interesting to know what happens next !

Whoa, what a long f*cking review, and also I am sorry if I used too many swears I just had to get it out, so what did you think of this episode ? Does season 6 looks like it is going to be epic or just another season 5 ( kind of slow in story progression ) ย ?

I rate : 8,0 / 10

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4 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S06E01 “The Red Woman” – Review

  1. I am so disappointed that Jon Snow didn’t wake up! i thought for sre that the Red Woman was supposed to bring him back. (There had been so many rumours of that on the internet). Well, he is not in the ground and buried yet, so it might still happen in next episode that he comes alive. I hope so with all my heart. Jon Snow is part of “the heart” of Game of thrones now, for me… ๐Ÿ™‚ Other than that, I thought the part where Brienne rescues Sansa was absolutely fantastic. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great that you took time to make a review about this. I hope you do so with the coming episodes aswell. ๐Ÿ™‚

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