Empire S02E14 “Time Shall Unfold” – Review


This episode was more of a letdown ! It wasn’t that bad, of course, we are talking about “Empire”, the show of shows.

In terms of music, there wasn’t that many, in terms of story progression, it moved on a little slow, although what it was more invested was in the character development.

Starting, what we saw, was the evolution of the relationship between Jamal and Freda in the relation of the duets they been making. He had to choose between her or Stacee Run – Run ( a breakout celebrity I guess ) to put wether his duet with Freda or Stacee in his Black and White album ending him choosing Freda. The Frank Gathers stuff didn’t play a big role on this episode but I expect it to play on the next episodes.

Andre and Rhonda’s relationship turned out for the best, I mean they are going slow, from what happened. Even Lucious settled things up taking him to the cemetery where Andre’s grandmother was buried. How great ! Not really, I don’t care that much about Andre as you may know.

With Andre and Rhonda there was Anika who told the Lyon family that she was pregnant with Hakeem, however Lucious immediately said that it was his baby, interesting, let’s see what this leads to.

Finally, we experienced a little more of the rivalry between Lucious and Hakeem. Lucious sabotages Hakeem and humiliates him in front of many people, more importantly, in front of the shareholders resulting in a decision of dropping out Hakeem of power. Now I guess Lucious is back on power, yes, that is what I want and that everyone wants, I think, I love his character !

Now the finale was shocking and very hooking, Lucious’s mother is still allive, this will sure mess with every single character, looking foward to it, like a lot !

I rate : 7,7 / 10


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