James Cameron announces four more sequels for Avatar


First of, I am so sorry, I haven’t posted for 5 days but the reason for that is that this last days were complicated and a lot of stuff happened so I wasn’t able to post anything. I promise it won’t happen again.

Now the matter in hand, James Cameron plans to release four sequels for “Avatar”, what the hell ? Why ?

James, why don’t you focus on another original movie ? I know that the terminator sequel was better than the original, however that doesn’t mean that you can make sequels for every movie, specially four. Not only you are wasting your time ( when you could be using it for other great movies ) but also ruining a film ( possibly ).

Though, I understand why he is making sequels, maybe it is because of the money ( which I doubt it ), or maybe he thinks that this movie deserves more or just simply because he likes and wants to do it. But, really, four ? It is going to be 7 years of making the same stuff and how is it going to work ? How are they going to make the story work in these sequels ? What excuses are they going to put together for the blue characters ( I can’t remind their names ) to fight or do something ? How is it going to be entertaining for the audiences watching four 3 hour movies of the “same story” in a space of 7 years ? So many questions and so many little answers.

I don’t know why Cameron is doing this, but it is his choice, and hell maybe it will be good. I just think it is unnecessary and boring, him betting on a franchise ( now it is ) that it isn’t that great or popular in terms of how many people will go to see. Oh, well, it is his loss, instead of making so many sequels why not make just one and then move on to another movie. We will have to see it ! ( even though it is in f*cking 2018 )

So here it is, my rant on this issue, what do you think of this decision of James Cameron ? Is this too much or it isn’t that bad ?

Moving on to another matter, I got some more good news, you know how I have a twitter account for my blog, well I have recently created an account for Instagram. So be sure to check it out and leave a follow https://www.instagram.com/flickbox_blog/.



2 thoughts on “James Cameron announces four more sequels for Avatar

  1. Well, to begin with Avatar itself didn’t have a great story. It was the CGI and the advertising of a new kind of alien movie which worked. Now it isn’t even a new kind of alien movie… 😐

    Four seems a bit too much … one sequel would be acceptible, not four..

    Well, we can’t have any kind of notion… We don’t know, it may actually be great, or better than the first!

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