My Top 10 Movie Scenes…So Far

This list was by far my hardest one, there were so many scenes that didn’t make it, however I managed to gather up the ones that I really loved so enjoy ! Although, before I start here it is the new  twitter account for my blog , feel free to follow and tell others to follow too ! 🙂

Here are some honorable mentions ( so many that I had to put ) :

  • The Shawnshank Redemption – Escape Scene
  • 300 – First Battle Scene
  • The Dark Knight Rises – Batman vs Bane ( sewer fight )
  • Kingsman : The Secret Service – Church Killing Spree
  • American History X – Opening Scene
  • V for Vendetta – Final Fight Scene
  • Sucker Punch – Opening Scene

10. Disconnect – Slow Motion Scene

The most underrated scene of this list, without a doubt, since this film is also very underrated. But, aside from the movie being great, this scene caught my attention because of the slow motion ( that played a huge part gaving that right emotion ), the music and the climax of each story was in full display in this scene. A definitely intense one, check it out !

9. A Clockwork Orange – Opening Scene

Like i said in previous posts, this film is one of my favourites and it is truly a masterpiece, there were a lot of epic scenes in this movie but the one that must impacted me was the very opening. It reveals the protagonist’s face then slowly zooms away showing us the room there in and the other persons ( including other characters ), from this point foward, I knew that I was going in an epic and memorable ride !

8. Inception – The Final Kick 

I think that this movie impressed everybody with its complicated but fantastic premise, evolving story and tremendous cast who played such an unforgettable characters. As well as my previous entry and pretty much every entry, there are a lot of huge moments like, maybe the most favourite one , the hallway scene, but for me it was the “final kick” in which they all have to die ( in the dreams ) to get back to the real world. So they die 3 times ( so they have 3 dreams – at least Ariadne does ), the music was an important adding but the better were actually the deaths and the actual excitement of what it was happening.

7. The Shining – Bat Scene

Another scene from Stanley Kubrik, no reason to be impressed, which proves how good can be a horror film. For this setting we got the craziness of Jack, that wanted to come out for some time, appearing in his full version to “attack” his wife – Wendy – who sarts to become afraid of his husband even holding a bat in case he attacks her, and as she is afraid, we begin to feel the same way too. That due to the great acting by not only by Shelley Duvall but also by Jack Nicholson making my favourite moment from this flick – the rise of the crazy and the start of all the “horror” !

6. Django Unchained – Dinner Scene ( Last Part )

Leonardio Dicaprio’s talent is clearly present in this scene but not just him, of course, all of the actors involved were great even Jamie Foxx ( he didn’t even talk during this scene ). Quentin Tarantino has the abilities of making incredible moments in each of his movies and for me in this film it was this one, that as you see made it to the my favourite scenes, just by his intensity, terrific acting, emersive environment and, you may not know this, the improvised moment, where Leo pounds the table which causes him to bleed taking the scene to a whole different level bringing more realism to it.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth – Pale Monster Scene

You may not even know what film this is but it is a shame because you are missing one of the greatest pieces of art that the cinema industry has to offer and don’t use the excuse that it is spanish because that is bullcrap. Moving on, this Guillermo del Toro’s treasure, provided us a very interesting story where a little girl finds another diferent world of magical creatures and it is in that same world where she finds monsters like the one above ( scary as f*ck ) seriously imagine that thing chasing you…eeehhh ! What I like about this scene is the effects, the music, the place and decorations and the fear and grossness of the pale man. A very well crafted scene, it caused me goosebumps !

4. Fight Club – Twist Scene

This movie is mind – blowing, with the best twist ever in a film ( where the narrator becomes Tyler Durden, I mean he already was, I mean that he dicovers that it was just his subconscious, I mean… you know what f*ck it ) , now I was kind of indicisive between this scene with the ending but I ultimately choosed the one that changed the whole movie. When I first saw it, I was like – What the f*ck is happening right now ????!!!! – I knew from that point foward that a twist can come out of nowhere it just has to be put perfectly. This movie it is just an example of that, David Fincher thank you !

3. The Lion King – Mufasa’s Death

This is my favourite animated movie ever, I watched it a dozen times and I still feel the sadness and the chills of Mufasa’s falling down to his death ( Scar, damnit, why are you cool I should hate you ) hearing his scream and Simba’s ( the first time I saw it, when I was little, I cried ) . The music was perfectly following every move and the animation was great also being a truly defining moment for Disney. A scene that it will always be in my mind every time I think not only about this film but when I think about any animated movie, that’s how much it affected me.

2. Pulp Fiction – Ezekiel 25 : 17

From anoher Quentin Tarantino movie, this scene define Samuel L. Jackson has a veteran  and define the rest of the movie. There were so many other great scenes like the car shooting scene, the injection scene, the dancing scene and the ending, nonetheless my pick goes for this epic showdown between Jackson’s Jules and a couple of f*ckers of Marsellus. This moment was funny, eye catching, interesting, intense and just remarkable.

1. The Dark Knight – The Joker’s Interrogation Scene

You may be asking – really, another “The Dark Knight” entry ? – well, sorry but it is not my fault that the film is so good. So just as every scene in this list and even ones that aren’t were in movies full of other deserving scenes and this entry was no different, I mean it really wasn’t, there were so many. Let me name it – the heist, the pencil trick scene, the party crashing, the hit me scene, the hospital scene, Batman vs Joker battle and the ending – those are like 7 scenes not counting this one and others that I forgot. In relation to this scene, which is where batman tries to find out the wherebouts of Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes by “beatdown mode” and it is very simple why I picked her as my favourite set piece, the music played perfectly nearing th beginning, the chemistry was perfect with outstanding performances by Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, the hype was perfect too and just the development of the scene was put to perfection. Conclusion is that everything was perfect ! It is normal, we are talking about, Christopher Nolan !


Be sure to let me know what it is your favorite movie scene ever.


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