Empire S02E13 “The Tameness Of A Wolf” – Review


Oh yeah baby ! “Empire” is on a roll !

So Camilla actually died, which is good, however who is the villain now ? But now that I am thinking that is not such a huge issue since when it comes to the Lyon family they all are enemies of each other ( sort of and it depends sometimes ).

In this episode we got a strong use of music ( catchy and beautiful to hear as usual ), great moments ( as usual ) and divided stories that emerged into one by the end of the episode.

The stories were the love triangle between Hakeem, Laura ( current girlfriend ) and Tiana ( former girlfriend ) that, basically, got hyped and resolved during their tour ( Tiana and Laura ) ending with Hakeem proposing to Laura and of course she said : yes ! How cute… I don’t really care, he is my least favourite character of the empire family, well just ahead of Andre.

Another one was Jamal singing another music for his Black & White album which then later he managed to get Freda to sing with him, the music was cool or as they say – it was dope !

In relation to Andre and Rhonda, nothing happened.

Now the part that I really liked was the producing of Lucious videoclip for his song “Boom Boom Boom Boom” and that I was invested in because that video represented his childhood and it was interesting to see how he would be able to make it, but he had Cookie’s help so with that you just get through everything.

In conclusion, by the end of the episode, it was Cookie’s birthday so they prepared her a surprise and then as the nigh went on, Cookie called everyone to see Lucious’s videoclip. What came of it was Andre rising up, turning the monitor of and asking if his grandmother was bipolar ( she died by putting a bullet to her head just like he tried in one of his crysis ) and Lucious said yes and then Andre just freaks out, they argue like hell and Andre walks away. It was an intense and well acted scene ! Later, Rhonda meets with Anika and says that she is done and goes live with her ( not permanently ) and to end the episode Cookie hears Freda mentions Frank Gathers while she was singing causing her to just stop and walk way knowing that Lucious, Freda’s father figure, killed his biological father in prison. Yeah, guys, Frank Gathers was the character that it was played by Chris Rock. The excitement is rising !

Sh*t ! This was a long review, and as far as the reviews are concerned, for”Fear The Walking Dead” I will be just reviewing the last episode now that I have done the review of the first one ( only if it happens something just out of the ordinary ) because I feel like I do a lot of these and not more of rants, or lists or even movie reviews so I will be just having one show being reviewed weekly and at the moment is “Empire” and then when “Game Of Thrones” comes out .

Now either tomorrow or saturday I will be dropping down a little list for you so stay tuned, oh and also ( I just don’t stop saying stuff ) I will be creating a twitter account for my blog so feel free to follow it when it is done ( I will inform you ) and tell others.

I rate : 8,0 / 10


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