Fear The Walking Dead S02E01 “Monster” – Review


So, as you all know, “The Walking Dead” ended last week and now what we got is “Fear The Walking Dead” to replace that “zombie slot” which is great because in terms of entertaining level both shows are the same even though the level is a little low and even though TWD it is a little better.

This first episode was a little boring with a slow pace ( AGAIN ) nothing that impactful happened except the last 5 minutes and even that wasn’t that much of  a impact, there are characters that I still don’t like ( Chris, Travis, Madison, sometimes Alicia ) nonetheless I like Nick a lot now, basically, one of those typical TWD hype episodes with just a little story progress.

It showed us what happened after the events of season 1 now them leaving Los Angleles and travelling by a boat. Nevertheless, someone died, and that one was Chris’s mother which was infected so her former husband ( Chris’s dad ) had to shot her. They took the body to the boat and made her a funeral ( in a certain way ) throwing her then to the water leaving Chris struggling for his mom and also the fact that it was his own dad that was responsible for her death.

In addition, Alicia is able to contact someone by her radio named Jack ( that is accompanied with his brother and sister in law ) on a boat that it is not that far away from our group, however, that ends up being nothing since Jack’s boat starts to sink and they all die ( supposedly ). Alicia said they would go there to help but the “captain” – Victor –  doesn’t allow anymore people on that boat because there are three rules according to him one being that it is his boat, second being that it is his boat and third being that it is his goddamn boat. As a matter of fact, right at the start of the show we see people that need help on another boat but our heroes don’t offer help because they have to protect their own, except Madison that just disagrees.

Finishing of with Chris jumping to the sea to give it a swim ( I guess ) and Nick came to help and then out of nowhere a zombie appears in water. What ??? Now, I knew this a long time ago that there would be some sort of “Water Zombies” ( due to some articles I read ) but the question is – How would that make sense ? – well, it makes the way they did it, the zombies were coming from a boat that it was upside down and they were floating all over the water. Although, not even the water stopped them so it was a good and different thing never seen in TWD universe, I will give points for that, and then it ended with some sort of boat coming for them. I don’t have any idea of who they are, maybe it is Jack’s boat or maybe it is pirates like some people are saying (  I don’t know why  ) I just know that there are too many goddamn boats in this chapter, so now what do you guys think is going to happen next ? Did you liked the season premiere of FTWD ?

I rant : 7,4 / 10


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