Hail, Caesar ! – Review


I just noticed, that I don’t do a movie review in two weeks I only did of tv shows, so here it is a little present !

This film, when I first knew about it, it seemed like a very fun movie. The cast seemed just perfect and the premise looked exciting however it didn’t meet my expectations, I mean it was certainly enjoyable but just not great, you know what I mean.

The story, to make it short, it is about a Hollywood fixer in the 1950’s who works to keep the studio’s stars in line.

The high point of this movie is, like I said, the ensemble cast with the likes of George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum and Josh Brolin who did an amazing job with each scene they were in.

My favourite scene is the one where Alden Ehrenreich and Ralph Fiennes characters come together on a set, where Alden’s character ( Hobie ) is the actor and Ralph’s character ( Lawrence ) is the director, and then their lines and context of the moment it is just so funny, a highlight of the film !

Although, the down point was really the story, which felt bland and not really that investing ( and sometimes just weird ), there were very funny moments but there were also moments where you were just – ah ??? –  and there were even things that didn’t make that much of a sense like the kidnapping of Baird ( George Clooney ) that in the end it was just a waste of time since he was rescued by Hobie that just came in and took him, of course, that Clooney made hilarious scenes but still. Uau, this phrase was long….. !

In conclusion, it was one of those movies that didn’t impress me like I expected to but, I know it must be looking like it was a bad movie and it isn’t worth the watch, now I am not saying that, it is exactly the opposite, this flick was highly enteratinment and have you looked at that cast ? The story isn’t the best but there were very good instances where you would forget the main plot and just enjoy what you are watching. Go watch it and tell me what do you though.

For the next post, it will be another one of my top 10 lists that I know you like ( I think ) ! 🙂

I rate : 7,6 / 10


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