Empire S02E12 “A Rose By Any Other Name” – Review


Of course, as usual in a tv show, the episode or episodes after the first episode of the season or the mid – season takes a slow pace ( just a little bit in this case ), but still it was a highly entertaining episode overall. Besides who am I kidding?  it is “Empire”, this show makes sure you are invest in every episode !

We got to see some issues between Andre and Rhonda somewhat hyped a little bit with their baby’s death and also we saw the well continuous development of the “rivalry”between Jamal and Lucious related to the ASA Awards  and it is here ( in this episode ) where he gots backlash from his fans, mostly, the gay community thanks to the whole dating story with Jamal and Skyer that Lucious revealed to almost everybody in the industry. This happens because Lucious never won an ASA award so being the selfish guy that he is, he just acts against the competition even if it is his own son. Let’s see who takes the prize !

Moving on, this chapter continued the story that it is unfolding ( mainly ), Hakeem taking over Empire, however I was not expecting the finale of the episode where, basically, Camilla losts everything. I am not saying it is bad I was just not expecting it, but it is for the best of the story.

Now to the part where I explain how Camilla got “trapped”, well it continued with the Cookie trying to bring Hakeem to his senses and not mess up with their family’s life work – Empire – and then he also wanted back the respect of her family so he ends up joining them ( Cookie, Andre and Jamal ) and make a plan to unveal Camilla’s lies to her wife, Mimi, who winds up being killed by Camilla. Lucious records everything and tells her to take the pills that killed Mimi and then the episode ended with Lucious walking away saying to her to rot in hell.

An odd ending, but since it didn’t showed more I don’t think she is going to die, I don’t know, maybe she hid them under her tongue or made a fake swallow or the pills that killed Mimi aren’t even the ones that she swallowed. Oh well, all we have to do to know is to wait and find out just like every tv show !

I rate : 7,9 / 10


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