The Walking Dead S06E16 “Last Day On Earth” ( Season Finale) – Review


TWD is over ! And the season finale couldn’t be more controversial !

On my opinion, this episode got its ups and downs.

Let’s start by telling what happened, it started of by some of the members of the group going to take Maggie to a doctor due to some problems with her baby, leaving some other members in Alexandria to protect it in case the Saviors showed up. Then, basically, every road they turned there were groups of Saviors stopping them, causing the retreatment of our heroes but like I said they were everywhere, leading to the escape by foot. However, just like all the other times, they were trapped this time by all of the saviors ( this in the middle of the woods) and to finish things up Negan appeared ( finally !!!! ) and chatted a little bit with “our” group.

Oh ! There is also the subplot of Carol and Morgan but that issue was hardly developed, the only highlight was the arrival of two people that I guess that they are part of some community called “Kingdom” ? I don’t know, I read that somewhere.

The dialogue between Negan and our members was pretty awesome and heartwrenching, although, what messed it all up was the final part where he says that he has to punish somebody ( kill somebody ), so he points to some of the people which ends up resulting in count of “eeny meeny miny moe” ( super intense scene ) to figure it out who is going to receive some hard punishment by “lucille” ( his weapon ).

It ends up being ******** ! How shocking and fierce was that, well I don’t know because it didnt’t f*cking showed, this is the cliffhanger for this season. Now we are going to have to wait 6 f*cking months to see who died when it would be more impactful and excited if we saw the gory and violent death creating even more hate for Negan and for the nest season but no TWD just pulls another one of their schemes that never end up working.

Nevertheless, I am super excited for the next season, because one – I want to see who was killed, two – I want to know more about this new community “Kingdom” and three – I want to see Negan suffer like a LOT.So what do you guys though about this ending ? Did it pissed you or it left you more excited than you were for season 7 ?

I rate : 7,8 / 10


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S06E16 “Last Day On Earth” ( Season Finale) – Review

        1. I personally think it was an impactful character or maybe it wasn’t and the producers only wanted to make these kind of cliffhangers to get more people to see. In relation to the death I think the person was Glenn. Who do you think it was ?

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          1. Gotta be a major player right? Either Glenn, Daryl or Abraham. They could take it like a champ. I’d be pissed if they made us wait just to show it was Aaron who was it aha

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