Zack Snyder got fired ? WHAT !?!?


I can’t believe that Zack Snyder got fired by Warner Brothers ! Before I say anything just want to let you know that I didn’t see “Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice”  yet so if you want to comment please do it related to the issue in question.

Frankly I wasn’t that surprised that this happen because the reviews from critics are just bad ( I was wrong when I made the previous rant ), however, there are good reviews but most of them are from the audience which it is not bad because the film it is suppose to please us. Although, this people aren’t everybody, now from what I read there were petitions for Zack Snyder’s firing so that he didn’t made Justice League and fortunately for them it ended up working, he got fired.

Also it was stated that the person who will replace him will be none other than George Miller himself which in my opinion it is a good choice and in my point of view he will do a great job.


What Zack Snyder tweeted as a response, basically, comes down to a thank you to Warner Brothers for the time that he worked with them and that George Miller will do a fantastic job and also that he will be looking foward to see the movie Justice League. I kinda feel sorry for him but if it is for the best of DC then so be it.

Well, in my opinion, I got sad that Zack Snyder left since he is so talented and charismatic and I don’t see how the film was so bad ( I didn’t even watch it but how come ) but I also feel happy because if BvS truly was somewhat of a failure or at least it wasn’t that good, putting the DC cinematic universe in danger, then it was a good decision.

And we all see “Mad Max : Fury Road”, we would love more pratical effects in Justice League then an excessive use of CGI, not that BvS has a lot but it looks like it though now that I am thinking  Zack Snyder’s effects are great ( I mean…hello…”Watchmen” ). On the other hand, it would be interesting to see what George Miller got for us, DC shall not fall !

Now that I expressed my opinion, I want to hear yours, so do you think Zack Snyder deserved to be fired or Warner Brothers made a terrible mistake ?


11 thoughts on “Zack Snyder got fired ? WHAT !?!?

  1. I thought this came out on April 1 (April Fools day). So yeah I like to see something released on the second as opposed to a secondary report from the 2nd.

    I like to see him fired but .. yeah no way they are going to give me a X-mas gift early.

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  2. I think it’s a mistake that he got fired. But then it could because I love Zack Snyder s Dawn of the Dead . And 300. But I haven’t seen the movie yet . But overall it’s hard to say yet

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