Empire S02E11 “Death Will Have His Day” – Review


“Empire” is BACK baby !

Now guys, for this review I will be short and sweet cause it is pretty late and I have got to sleep !

For this episode, we got to see, of course, our favourite characters come together again being the issue revolved on the fact that Hakeem, basically, fired his dad from his own company, that b*tch.Cookie, my favourite character, was just tremendous as she always is having that loving atitude of her, she is impulsive and hardcore but at the end of the day she is doing it for the person that she loves.

It showed the effects of the fall of the stairs that Andre’s wife Rhonda endured ( but who pushed her ? ) resulting in the loss of her baby.

Also,the songs couldn’t be missed, so we had a couple of them and what I can say about them is that they are original and just so comfortably good to hear, despite having episodes with better ones this were fun to hear bringing us back that feeling of “Empire” mood.

Conclusion is that this episode was a bit of a hype builder since it didn’t happen that much to change the course of the story but I still enjoyed it, however, now that I am thinking there is no episode of this show that I don’t feel delighted.

If you don’t watch the show, watch it, sure you may say that it sounds boring and lame but if you watch just one episode it will change your whole opinion. šŸ™‚

I rate : 8,0 / 10


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