The Walking Dead S06e15 “East” – Review


WTF ! Did Daryl just die all over my face ?????!!!!!

Another episode with a shocker, keep up TWD just not to much. I mean I am pretty sure Daryl isn’t dead, it is just way to get more people to see and build even more excitment to the last episode, either that or I am just trying to deny myself that he isn’t dead. Although, If he is indeed dead then I don’t know what to do but like I said if this is just a move to build more buzz it sure hell is working.

Starting with a review, the episode begun with a nice pace showing the whereabouts of each character and what were they doing until Daryl decided to leave Alexandria to go find that blonde dude ( I think that was the reason…correct me if I am wrong ) and then from that point foward it started to be a little more interesting. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita went after him and also, I forgot to mention, that Carol left Alexandria to ( but just left no speific reason ) and this time it was Rick and Morgan who went after her.

What we saw from Carol is another proof of how awesome she is, are you kidding me what that scene, she just became a badest woman alive. Why did you left Carol ? Whyyyyyyy ? Then, eventually, Rick and Morgan showed up but she was already gone so they persued her tracks and eventually they stopped in a farm and Morgan said that he would have the job to find her and tt Rick sould hajust go so let’s see what happens.

From the Daryl part it was a little boring, the only good parts were the appearance of some “Negan” members (inside that group there was the stupid blond with a b*tch face ) and what they do is capture Glenn and Michonne, however Daryl being the great savior that he is, he and Rosita came out but out of nowhere “b*tch face” emerges from behing Daryl and…BUM !!! He shots him splattering all of his blood on the screen. So what do you guys think, did Daryl died or is it just like Glenn – for show ?

Well weither way I am totally excited for the last episode and so should you !

I rate : 7,6 / 10


5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S06e15 “East” – Review

  1. Not like this man! Why the fuck is everyone leaving, just stay still and wait for Negan aha I did like the Rick and Morgan chats. Rick has changed a lot. Can’t wait for the finale.

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