Deadpool – Review


Before I start I just wanna tell you guys thank you so much for the 200 followers ( and counting ), I love you guys !

Now I wasn’t suppose to post before monday but I just finished watching the movie ( I know that the movie came out 1 month or so ago but it was only released yesterday on the internet with a good quality ) so I thought how about I give you a “treat”,  so without further ado let’s get started.

This movie is about a former Special Forces operative who after finding out that he has cancer he is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers turning into a mercenary (oh ! and there is also his girlfriend ). I don’t know why I told you the plot, even though I have to do that in every review, because I mean who doesn’t know who the f*ck is Deadpool. If you don’t then you wether have been trapped inside a cave for 1 month without any internet or you have been in an hospital diagnosed with a coma. Sorry guys this is supposed to be a laughing moment for you just to start things well and see if I cheer you up, did it work ? If don’t then I am a total idiot, sorry !

First of, I had high expectations for this film and it ended up paying of, great performance by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool was phenomenal and so awesome respecting the source material, his story was interesting and the rest of the characters were very funny and entertaining. By the way, the fourth wall break was simply spetacular and it made you even more invest on the movie, classic Deadpool !

It had an interesting start, already with him kicking ass only then it started to show how he became Deadpool alternating between the past and the present until arriving to that present ( I don’t know if you know what I mean ) I am pretty sure you ( reader ) had already seen the movie so you get what I am coming from, if not why are you here ? Do you wanna catch spoilers or just cancer ( no offense just dark humor ) …ahahahaha get it ! Sorry I am totally f*cked up right know, my jokes aren’t even funny, I think I am just as crazy as Deadpool except his jokes are actually funny. Here let me show you an example :


See !!!!!

Continuing, Deadpool did prove that you don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl and also that you don’t need to have the looks, who would have imagined that this smartass would be giving us a lesson.

Also as I was watching the film, I could’t stop laughing in some parts, he was so funny ! Every fight scene was badass and awesome with cool visuals and funny moments, “Deadpool” overall was a very enjoyable film. Marvel is still on a roll with another great movie.

The only issue was the story that it didn’t had the right structure, being a cliched superhero story even.

Looking foward to the sequel ! And I think Deadpool is too !


I rate : 8,1 / 10


2 thoughts on “Deadpool – Review

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Deadpool manage to be stand out from the rest of the Marvel movies and remain strong in all aspects. It was its own however, still following the normal recipe of movies which an example of this is when you said “you don’t need to be a hero to get the girl”. Was a great read and can’t argue with that score you gave it

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