Daredevil Season 2 – Review


And there it ends another one of my favourite tv shows, I don’t understand why does Netflix releases every episode on the same day, it just doesn’t work ! Why not releasing every week, just like every normal tv show, in order to create more hype to it and absorve the content, well it is there loss.

Now on the matter in question, I will start of with the first 4 episodes which I think that they were the better of this season,  introducing the Punisher, getting to see Daredevil fight with his new suit, not to mention the fight scenes ( the stairs scene was AWESOME in episode 3 ), the characters were developing differently, got a totally new background and just the feeling of “Daredevil” ( the tv show ) being back made this first episodes even better. Daredevil and the Punisher had the best chemistry, specially in the episode 3 where Daredevil is chained up on the roof, they make the best dialogues and moments. In my opinion the best episode was this one.

The rest of the episodes ( 5 – 13 ), introduced Elektra and the main villain – The Hand – which were ok I guess I mean they weren’t the worst villains ever but they weren’t the best either. So for this season that part was a little weak. From the Punisher we saw his backstory has the story goes on showing that his family was brutally murdered making it the reason why he kills people and what we feel for him is empathy and sorrow but also feel like he needs to be stopped too since he kills people ( bad or not ). Although at the end of the day he is a good person always protecting who he loves. Also in this season we got to see a different Karen Page a better one creating as well as Daredevil great chemistry between her and the Punisher I was really in touched with these to. From Elektra we saw her story too and his love story with Matt Murdock ( Daredevil ) and her relationship with Stick and from there the Hand appears and just “takes” Hell’s Kitchen being in the hands of her and Daredevi, to stop them.

In addition, the love sense between Matt and Karen I did not like, it was kinda of weird to me, so I am glad they broke up but of course they will be back again as it always is the movies or tv shows.

Oh ! Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk showed up, in prison, but he was still so awesome and just being what he is – the boss ! Looking foward to see him in season 3 !

In conclusion, the best parts were the Punisher and Elektra, who were played by Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung, perfectly, bringing a lot to the story like the development of the characters of  Daredevil and Karen, debuting characters from the “Daredevil” universe, made memorable and badass moments and gave us on more reason to love this show and that is how awesome they are.

This season in comparison to season 1 wasn’t better, it was certainly good, but it didn’t surpass the previous one mainly because of the sense of whether the Punisher was bad or good ( he is an anti hero but…) was he the villain or not ? The Hand seemed boring and couldn’t care less about in other words the villain was not “evil” ( you know what I mean ) and the feeling of hype wasn’t really there it seemed a little bit blank.

However, “Daredevil” is still one of my favourite tv shows of all time and it was still an epic season so bring out season 3 Netflix !!!

I rate : 8,3 / 10


4 thoughts on “Daredevil Season 2 – Review

  1. The Punisher prison fight scene in ep 9 was incredible. Looked like something out of The Raid. Also The Hand reminded me a little bit of The League of Shadows. Great season overall.

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