Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice gets good early reviews


Guys, this movie is so close, I am so excited ! F*ck !

And guess what…the early reviews are good which means that it is not gonna be a flop, like I said in my early rant on whether BvS was gonna leave up to his hype ( I answered – yes ), well I think it will and even exceed by the looks of it.

Alright maybe I am celebrating to early but I have a very good feeling about the film specially thanks to IMDB ( my favourite review site and in my opinion the best ) who gave it a 9,7 / 10 a few days ago, now I know that this site gives high rating before and a little after the release of a movie ending up falling down. Although, just like “Deadpool”, who got a very high rating in the beginning ( passing the 9 mark ), BvS seems like the same thing ending up with like an 8 or more / 10 which is great – the DC cinematic universe heads of with a great start.

In relation to other reviews, they are great and cheerfull for the flick, now what is left to know is the rest of the world. Did you know that BvS broke the superhero movies pre – sale record, just another prove of how a succesfull it is going to be, I think that it is going to be a huge box – office sucess.

Basically, this news bring us a feeling of safety and excitement, I am not saying that it is the best movie ever or the most grossed of all time ( it was not even released so I can’t say that but who knows ) or the best superhero movie but I will sure be a great introduction to the DC cinematic universe and a huge movie not only for the superhero genre but a movie in general.

Looking foward to it a LOT and I will be sure to show my review as soon as I watch it which will not be so soon because I didn’t buy the tickets so every room will be full till the last chair. Maybe 5 days after its release or I don’t know maybe earlier but until then I will still post stuff including another Top 10 list so stay tuned ! 🙂


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