The Walking Dead S06E14 “Twice As Far” – Review


This episode was boring, the shocking death was the only interesting part !

We start of the episode with that typical pace from the TWD and then it is introduced the problem or the misson or whatever and this time that problem wasn’t that intriguing except the development of Denises’s character who was completely “destroyed” since she died after.

And then, as the episode goes on, the environment felt dull but I must say that the unpredictable death was a shocker, I mean kill Denise that it was starting to become so important is a risk move. Although, that is what I like and that most people like – the unpredictability – and be able to kill character like that is pushing “Game Of Thrones” style ( not that TWD doesn’t kill important characters but this got a total different feeling to it ).

In addition, it was showned other members of “Negan group” ( I guess ), and it was cool – a great highlight from this episode – making more reasons to hate that so desiring appearance from him.

On regards to the rest, nothing really happens, the only thing that mattered was the group arrival and the death.

So, basically, it was another filler episode ( worst that the last one ), even though it had more action, just building suspense for the last episode which, in my opinion, it is going to be the best.

Also can someone please explain to me the last scene, I felt a little lost, Is Carol leaving ??? And why ??? Nooooooooo !!!!

I rate : 7,5 / 10


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S06E14 “Twice As Far” – Review

  1. I was ranting about the episode and complaining so much right before Denise got killed that I had to laugh out loud. I’m tired of the character arcs that seem to end with someones death like Denise, Beth, and Noah. I’m sure these last two episodes will be great, but it’s weird that Carol says she can’t kill for someone she loves, but is willing to burn three people alive instead of just trapping them on the kill floor. Maybe Carol leaving will begin to make more sense, but who knows.

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