The Walking Dead S06E13 “The Same Boat” – Review


For the first time ever, I will be reviewing a tv show and the lucky one is “The Walking Dead” for the episode 13 of the current season ( 6 ) named “The Same Boat”.

Be warning that, in the contrary of a movie review, it is harder not to have spoilers on a review from an episode of a tv show so the following may contain some spoilers !

So as you may know, from my rant that I did a few weeks back, if you don’t, be sure to check out here, I recall saying that this series seems to be getting better and this episode may be for some of you as a filler but I share a completely different opinion.

Let’s start by saying that Carol played a major part on this episode, being now one of my favourite characters and a crucial part for the show, as well as Maggie who realised that now that she is pregnant she can’t put her and her babie at risk. But, somehow she was able to fight back and show no mercy just to protect her baby. Back on Carol, she faked it so great, hyperventilating on purpose just to make the “Negan members” take of their cloths out of their mouths and playing that old Carol personna of a fragil old woman. Granting her and Maggie an escape ending up with Rick’s group, way to go Carol !

And it showed a little bit more about this new group of Negan. There was a point that I felt some sort of empathy for them because they felt lost and they just saw an unknown group killing their members. Even at the end we see Carol feeling a little emotional on regards of killing Paula which it is weird since we have seen Carol killing people without any problem showing that they know how bad it is what they are doing – just to get food for them ( how selfish ).

Although, I hated that stupid Paula ( and friends ), they deserved what came for them, nonetheless there was some strange things in this episode too like the fact that they call each other “Negan” ( and I mean each member ) in my viewing I think that this name is not only the name of their leader but also some kind of association to this name with the word “maniac”. Considering that some people say that Negan is a maniac when someone says ( like the old woman that smoked ) that “we are all Negan” and the last guy says that too it must be some kind of association that they make or maybe not .

Well the only way to found out is to keep watching but I am certain that Negan will appear in the last episode. Tell me what do you guys thought of this episode, was it bad or was it good ?

I rate : 7,5 / 10


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S06E13 “The Same Boat” – Review

  1. Great review! I feel that this season of the Walking Dead (with the exception of how it handle Glenn) has been excellent. Whereas previous season had too much filler this season is a lot more tighter.

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