The Walking Dead seems to be getting back on track


First of, sorry guys, I haven’t been posting for a while but I have been having a lot of work to do studying for school. Although, gladly, my second term is one week and a half away to end so I will be posting more often. πŸ™‚

Without furder ado, I will be ranting about the fact that “The Walking Dead” is getting better ( in my opinion ). I think you all know that this series since season 2 hasn’t been the best as a matter of fact, not being harsh, this show had a lot of boringness to it. Still, there were some unforgettable and epic moments and as the second half of this season ( 6 ) started it seemed like the creators, finally, turn things around ( for the best ).

Let’s look at some indicators :

  • The universe is expanding
  • They no longer wander place from place
  • They have a “real” purpose now
  • It’s more gory and more zombie
  • It’s very intense
  • Unpredictability is a common factor

Even thow season 6 started of with a slow pace ( as usual ) there were some great moments here and there, for example, a “new face” from Carol was revealed when she fought against the “wolves” making her one of the finest characters right now, there were some vivid and unexpected moments full with intensity Β like the ( non ) death of Glenn, the backstory of Morgan was interesting and the huge herd of zombies that “were after them” played a good “role” in it too.

Despite that the rest wasn’t so good but, as I said earlier, as the second half of the season arrives the stakes are higher with new characters being introduced ( interesting ones ) growing “The Walking Dead” universe, the characters have a tough and believable mission in terms of what the stakes are, there is more action, more deaths which means more zombies and the most important is the unpredictability which is shown a lot getting back that huge feeling of excitement and desire for what comes next ( increasing its viewers ).



12 thoughts on “The Walking Dead seems to be getting back on track

    1. First of thanks for asking ! And honestly I think the first season had a slow pace but I guess it is normal since it was the start of the apocalypse so it was a little boring and there were characters that I didn’t like for example the main one
      ( the drug teenager ) but I have some hope for season 2 ! The only way to found out is to wait and see it . πŸ™‚


  1. Yeah I agree with you on the whole “The Walking Dead has not been the best since season 2” thing. My friends get mad at me everytime I tell them that the show is not that great. I’ve been an avid viewer, however, until season 6. I haven’t watched much of season 6, but after your post, I might actually look into watching them.

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    1. It will be worth it believe me, I won’t promise you the best thing ever but no doubt that is more intense and unpredictable than ever ! Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚


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