My Top 10 Actors…So Far


I never thought since I created this blog that I would be having 100 followers so quick, let alone have 100 followers, but I am glad because this means that you like what I post. And don’t worry I will be blogging as long as I like !

So has a celebration, I done a Top 10 list, which I don’t do a long time go, and this time is for the actors ( excluding actresses since that is a list for another timeย ). Enjoy ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Heath Ledger
  • Tom Hardy
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Robert De Niro
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Michael Fassbender

10. Christian Bale

Favourite Performance : “American Psycho”

This actor truly loves what he does which can be noticed by the incredible performances and transformations that he had to endure seen in movies like “American Psycho”, “The Machinist”, “The Fighter”, “American Hustle” and he even played Batman ( how awesome ). Not only I get excited when I go to see a film with him on it but also I know that it will be an enjoyable film !

9. Matt Damon


Favourite Performance : “Good Will Hunting”

I never saw “Good Will Hunting” but everyone says is very good and I saw some scenes of it and he looks great, even grating him and Ben Affleck an Oscar for best written screenplay ( must watch ! ). After that movie he appeared on awesome movies like the “Bourne Trilogy”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Departed”, ” True Grit” and “The Martian”. A true veteran !

8. Edward Norton

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Favourite Performance : “American History X”

I absolutely loved “American History X”, I was surprised being one of my favourite movies ever. This actor starred in lot of other decorated movies like “Primal Fear”, “Fight Club”, “Birdman” and he even played the Hulk. Still today he makes incredible performances !

7. Brad Pitt


Favourite Performance : “Fight Club”

When he started to be noticed, back in 1990s, he was doing amazing work having movies like “Seven”, “Interview With The Vampire”, “12 Monkeys” and “Fight Club” he was rocking it making a name for himself. And even today he give us more and more unforgettable moments !

6. Johnny Depp


Favourite Performance : “Edward Scissorhands”

Some of you may think that Johnny Depp is overrated but it doesn’t mean he can’t act, in the contrary, when “Pirates Of The Caribbean” was released I adored “Jack Sparrow” ( character played by him ) making him my favourite actor. Earlier in his carrer ( and still today ) most of his characters are bizarre but unforgettable like – “Sweeney Todd”, “Willy Wonka”, “Raoul Duke”, “Tonto” and “The Mad Hatter” ( just to name a few ). Look it up !

5. Jeff Bridgesย 

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Favourite Performance : “The Big Lebowski”

I didn’t knew a lot about Jeff Bridges but I have seen some acting of him and I loved every character of him, “Iron Man” all the way to “The Big Lebowski”, he just knows the perfect way to portray the characters.

4. Samuel L. Jackson


Favourite Performance : “Pulp Fiction”

Samuel L. Jackson appears in every movie that exists ( he has 164 credits in actor ) wether it is a bad movie or a good one he is always enjoyable, tremendous, funny and appealing. I can’t mention my favourites because he has so many movies so I will indicate “Pulp Fiction” that made him so famous and established him as a “true” actor.

3. Morgan Freeman


Favourite Performance : “The Shawnshank Redemption”

This one is just so focused on his work, he is a ย very skilled actor making every character serious and memorable. Unfortunately, he is becoming old but he will always be remembered !

2. Jack Nicholson


Favourite Performance : “The Shining”

Jack Nicholson has done so many epic characters participating in movies like “The Shining”, “The Departed”, “Batman” and “Chinatown”. Sadly he doesn’t act anymore but he leaved us with great movies and moments because of him. He will be missed !

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


Favourite Performance : “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

How can I put this, he plays epic, memorable, awesome, hard characters being director Martin Scorsese the reason why he is so known not that that is a bad thing because he rocked everyone of them. I just get so many chills when he acts because he is so GOOD. Fortunately, he won the Oscar for best actor this year ( Finally ), he is a true example of what is an actor !!! I hope he acts for a long time !!!


So, who is the actor that you always look foward to watch when one of his movie comes out ? And what is your favourite performance of him ?


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