My Top Moments From The Oscars 2016


Hollywood’s biggest night is over, and let me tell you that I enjoyed every minute of it except for one part but I will get there later. So here are my top moments from yesterday’s Oscars, which aren’t in no specific order, I just want to give emphasis.

  • Chris Rock nails it !

giphygiphy (1)


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Everybody knew about the fact that this year’s Oscars didn’t have any black nominees, but in my opinion ( not being racist of course ) this year no black actor had an outsanding role so I think that the people who were pissed about it should know that the Oscars is about giving awards to the best and if this year no black actor got nominated is because no black actor deserved it.

Now that I finished sharing my thoughts, Chris rock made fun of that concept making great moments throughout the night like bringing girl scouts to sell cookies ( his daughters were in there too ), making all sort of racist jokes and making a “black” parody on the movies that were nominated that in the process made everyone laugh, he was really funny !

  • Mad Max : Fury Road rules

1431967859-madmax-guitargiphy (5)

Winning 6 Oscars – best costume design, best production design, best makeup and hairstyling, best film editing, best sound editing and best sound mixing – this film just impressed everybody including me. Even though they just won “technical” Oscars it is still an important doing ! You go George Miller !





  • Special Appearances

giphy (6)giphy (7)

giphy (8)

giphy (9)


These were more funny moments, this time joining with iconic characters like the minions, woody and buzz lightyear from “Toy Story”, G-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 from “Star Wars” and even the bear from “The Revenant”, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio invited him ! ahahaha !!! 😉

  • Songs

CoDmisrQPjhxgiphy (10)

giphy (12)

Once again the songs were great with spetacular performances by their singers, this time sang Lady Gaga who showed a lot of passion with her music – “Till It Happens To You”, The Hunting Ground – that represents the young people that are abused in schools, Weeknd – “Earned It”, Fifty Shades Of Grey –  who made his Oscars debut and Sam Smith – “Writing’s On The Wall”, Spectre –  who ended up winning the Oscar for best original song.

  • Brie Larson wins ! Yay ! 

giphy (13)giphy (14)





giphy (15)giphy (16)


I was so glad that she won because it was so deserving and I hope this is a big motivation for her to continue and become one of the best actresses in Hollywood ! For a moment I thought Jacob was going with her, it would be so cute but oh well this is also the starting of his huge career !


giphy (17)giphy (20)

giphy (18)

My heart was racing, if he didn’t win I would say that the academy didn’t like him, but fortunately it wasn’t the case so he didn’t only receive this Oscar for his work on “The Revenant” but also all his work over the years, at least in my seeing. I mean, EVERYBODY, stood up and some even cried ( look at Kate Winslet ) because it was about time and he truly deserved it more than anyone so let’s hope is one Oscar in many still to come, who knows maybe he will win next year ! 🙂

  • Winner for Best Picture

giphy (21)rs_500x281-160228211233-Cookie

This is the part of the Oscars that I didn’t like, I mean, I may look like a “Revenant” fanboy right know but that is not the case because I wouldn’t mind “Mad Max : Fury Road” or “Room” winning but “Spotlight” for god sake !

I know I did a good review on this movie ( 7,7 / 10 ) although it is not worthy of an Oscar for Best Picture so I am starting to think that the academy only cares about the seriousness and the message that the movie gives ( having other examples over the years ), but who knows maybe I am wrong.

Either way, the Best Picture is supposed to be a movie that you like to watch several times because it is so good but “Spotlight”, in my opinion, it is not a movie that I would like to see again, it is boring and just look at Michael Keaton acting all smug.

This made me hate even more, definately the downfall of the night even the people were like – WHAT……( silence ) – they were thinking it was a joke !

Concluding, here are my top moments of the night having one downfall moment that I had to mention, because it is the most important prize of the night, despite that I liked the ceremony in general and I except next year to be even greater !!! 🙂


14 thoughts on “My Top Moments From The Oscars 2016

  1. My life was made the moment I found out Leo won haha. I didn’t particularly like Room, I was disappointed although I usually am when it’s adapted from a book that I love. I didn’t think Brie was that great at playing Ma but again, I’m basing it off the character in the book. I would have liked to see Saoirse Ronan win (being biased as she’s Irish) I loved Brooklyn and thought she was great playing her character. I haven’t seen Spotlight yet, planning to go with my mam so I can’t really say either way about them winning the award. I think the problem with no black Oscar nominees is more to do with the movie industry in general than the Oscars.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I liked Spotlight. I’d say that of the nominated movies, it was my second or third-favorite. I would have liked it more if Mad Max won, but I think we’ve established that the Academy plays it safe too often for their own good (and they wonder why their ratings have been declining). This is why I knew from the start Room had no chance of winning; it’s a cliché that dark and depressing movies win the award for best picture, but in reality, there’s only so far you can go down that route before the Academy chickens out and defaults to the next-edgiest film that meets the criteria without overloading their senses.


        1. I mean i wasn’t even born but a while back i saw that and i though how the f*ck did Forrest Gump won when they had better films like pulp fiction and shawnshank redemption


          1. Well, as I always say, time’s a better determination of quality than any trophy. If you want a historic example, even the critical favorite Citizen Kane didn’t win. Barely anyone remembers the movie that actually won.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I agree but I doubt that it is because of the racism of the academy, which doesn’t exist, since there are black nominees every year ( except this one ) and not just that the academy could not afford to be racist ! In relation to tom hardy I agree too since Mark rylance was just boring just as the movie I would even prefer Mark Ruffalo than him but whatever . Anyways thanks for the coment ! 🙂


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