My Top 10 Movies…So Far

Hello guys, this is my first post for my new blog and I’m very excited about it so I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Despicable Me
  • The Incredibles
  • Black Swan
  • Kingsman : The Secret Service
  • American Psycho
  • Pan’s Labyrinth

10.  The Lion King


Only the best animated film EVER…enough said.

9. Inception


An original film made by one of my favourite directors – Christopher Nolan – that truly messes with your head and makes you question about your dreams. Mind blown !!!

8. The Wolf Of Wall Street


Another Martin Scorsese masterpiece with a dialogue full of f*cking swears granting yet another f*cking Oscar nomination for Leonardo DiCaprio that demonstrated, once again, why he is the f*cking man.

7. A Clockwork Orange


A classic by late director Stanley Kubrick, that passes you the insanity of a group, specially the main character, wich spreads it through disturbing moments and with a dark sense of humor. Making a big impact in the time of its release.

6. American History X


A flick with an impressive story and compassionate characters accompanied by a great character development and an outstanding performance by Edward Norton. Definitely a must watch !!!

5. The Shawnshank Redemption


The highest rated movie ever ( IMDB ) that shows you how is it like to be inside a prison but at the same time it fills you up with hope and teaches you to never give up and follow your dreams.

4. Mad Max : Fury Road


This movie is nothing but a fun ride along a dystopian society filled with craziness including not so big of a plot but full of action packed sequences, it blew my expectations right of the place I mean literally. Just watch the movie you see what I mean.

3. Pulp Fiction


The finest job of the legendary director Quentin Tarantino filled with neo – noir thrills, dark humor and an original story art setting up a new generation of films being one of the most influential film of the 1990’s.

2. Fight Club


The arrival of this flick stunned audiences coupled up with great acting by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, amazing story direction and an unexpected twist that left everyone wondering at the end. Setting the higher point of David Fincher’s ( director  ) carrer.

1. The Dark Knight


FINALLY…the movie that defied the expectations of all the audiences all around the world directed once again by Christopher Nolan. This film brought back another portrayal of the iconic character “The Joker” played by late Heath Ledger surpassing Jack Nicholson´s performance ( at least in my opinion ). Batman is played once more by Christian Bale that again is great. Not only the best superhero flick but also one of the best movies of all time. This one should be on your “watched” list alongside the rest of the trilogy.


So, which movie has you loving it every time you watch it ? Why ?


6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Movies…So Far

  1. Greetings from 2017! Solid list and while I haven’t seen most of them yet, it’s neat to see the Dark Knight at 1 and Lion King at 10 since I remember those films really well. Also ironic that a Batman film is the best and the worst for you

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